Mom, former English teacher finds hilarious success with ‘grammar police’ videos

PHOENIX – For 12 years, Heather Nianouris taught English. She left the classroom to run her own company, but she just couldn’t leave her proper syntax past behind.

“I’ve always just loved grammar,” Nianouris said. “I feel like it’s important to be correct.”

Important, even when it comes to Christmas cards.

“Usually around Christmastime, I always start to notice misplaced apostrophes,” she said. “People will use apostrophes to pluralize stuff.”

In November of 2017, she posted a Facebook Live with a Christmas card grammar PSA. The video racked up more than 8 million views.

“People spend all of this time getting the perfect outfits together and getting the best shot and finding the right card,” she said. “Then I look and there is a random apostrophe.”

The shares, likes and comments spread far and wide. Her Facebook inbox flooded with suggestions for future videos — with many relating to her message. 

“I thought maybe there is an audience for people who care about grammar,” she said.

Nianouris has since posted a few more videos. One on YOUR vs. YOU’RE

…and another on LOOSE vs. LOSE.

The question now is, can this hilarious and relatable grammar “police officer” turn her chats into a side-hustle or a full-time gig?

To follow along on her quest to correct you’re your grammar, visit her Facebook page.

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