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Domestic Violence Cover Up Girl: A Must Read for Women Who Want a Loving Relationship But.
Domestic Violence Cover Up Girl: A Must Read for Women Who Want a Loving Relationship But.
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Pretty Actress (PA) is being blackmailed by Non-showbiz Individual (NI) in her past to the tune of a few million bucks. NI wants the money so he will not reveal the secret of PA. The secret of PA might even be worth more, as its revelation might ruin the future she has always dreamed of. Thus, PA is contemplating on whether to pay up to shut up NI or to tell The Love (TL) of her life the truth.

While PA might not belong to the elite league of female celebrities of her network, she has done many projects that have made viewers and even critics notice her acting. However, PA lacks the mass appeal that could propel her to full stardom. Nonetheless, she never runs out of projects even if she plays second lead or joins a group performance. Rumors have it that she has a steady list of projects because of TL.

TL grew up in the entertainment industry, as he has connections that are influential in the network where he met PA. Although TL has the makings of a leading man, his career has not really gone full blast, as his connections might be accused of favoring him simply because they are related by blood. Nonetheless, TL is a familiar face these days.

When PA and TL met, she was smitten and given that they hit it off, their relationship raised to the next level and marriage is already in their discussion. TL belongs to a very religious family, whose values have made them a bit unsettled at accepting PA, who has done her share of doing sexy roles and poses. However, TL is loved too much by his family, and thus, they have opened up to accepting PA. While everything seems to end in bliss, NI wanted a slice of the pie.

Sometime ago, PA got involved in an exclusive and highly secretive trade, and NI was a booking agent. Thus, NI knows about the sordid past of PA, and if he squeals, PA might lose TL. If his family finds out, then everything that PA had worked for to win them goes down the drain. As devout practitioners, the past of PA might cause them to become uncomfortable, but then the test of religion is to be accepting of one’s past.

The money is not a problem, and PA allegedly is inclined to pay up, but she is hesitant because there is no guarantee that NI will keep his word. However, if she could muster enough guts, then she could tell TL the truth. The risk may be too high for that option. One can only surmise the similarity of the dilemma of PA with the themes of movies and projects she has done.

‘Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough. Not only have I found that when I talk to the little flower or to the little peanut they will give up their secrets, but I have found that when I silently commune with people, they give up their secrets also – if you love them enough.’ – George Washington Carver

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