Outrage as American student rains insults on his ‘calm’ teacher in viral video

There has been outrage after a viral video shows an American high school student yelling obscenities at his science teacher who remained calm

Fellow students are seen laughing as the enraged student at California’s Eastside High School enters the room yelling at his teacher who calmly tells him to sit down

“You do not come up to me Dr Hsu and get in my goddamn face,” he yells as the pair both enter the room.

“You go there, sit down,” the science teacher says, which further enrages the teen.

“You go sit down,” the raging teen continues
“You come up to me like that? Who the f*** do you think you are?”

The boy rips something of a tap and throws it in the teacher’s direction and then kicks a garbage bin, which falls over.

He then picks up the bin and empties its contents on the floor.

School principal Kristen Tepper said in a statement the incident had been investigated and “appropriate action by school administration” taken.

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