Patrick Stewart Memes For Every Occasion

When Patrick Stewart first started his television career in the 1964 TV series Story Parade — before becoming a household name decades later as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation — there is no way we could have ever imagined how he’d become one of the most accomplished actors to ever grace TV, movies, and the stage.

But nowadays, if you’re a celebrity you will almost certainly end up being a meme. The good thing about Patrick Stewart is that he’s so beloved that the memes he’s inspired aren’t really negative. In fact, most of them can be used to communicate with your friends. Here are some great memes to use on different occasions.

For The Friend In Need Of A Smile

It’s perfect. They look down at their phone and the first thing they see is Captain Picard telling them to have a good day. It’s a great combination of goofy and inspiring.

When You’re Just Lounging

So let’s say you’re around your friends and you feel a little gas brewing. You take this meme and you text it to everyone in the room right as you let it loose. Hey, they can’t say you didn’t warn them.

Just Saying No

We all have that friend or family member that wants something whenever you go to the store and they either never contribute or ask if you want anything when they go out. The next time they ask for something just politely let them know: “THEY WILL GET NOTHING AND LIKE IT!”

Tell Me You Didn’t Just Say That

We have all seen that thread, comment, or text when something is said that is just, well, dumb. I don’t recommend this for everyone. Sometimes people can be offended, so use with caution.

For Trolling

This one could be used for so many reasons. The first one that popped in my head is for the people who text in abbreviations. Not like “LOL” or anything like that — I’m talking about “B4” instead of “before” or “ur” instead of “you’re.” Send this to be a troll or just because the way they text annoys you.

You could also use this when you’re trying to find a polite way to tell someone that what they are doing is inappropriate. Some people want to know the truth, but don’t always want to hear it. This is an easy way to add a little sweetener to a bitter reality.

For The Writers

For anyone who has been on the internet and posted a comment, I am sure you’ve come across that one person who comments and doesn’t bother reading anything except the title and maybe the first paragraph. While I agree you should never engage a troll, if you feel like you have to, send them the pic above.

Just Because

Seriously, I can’t think of any scenario where these gifs could not be used.

You’re Too Good For What?

Whenever you hear that actor friend say they’re to good to play a role because it’s beneath them, you can politely send them this with a smile emoji.

To Invalidate Arguments

Want to end a conversation with someone? Send this. You’ll either make them mad or make them laugh. Either way, you just shared Patrick Stewart in a ball pit so you win.

For The Ultimate Fail

This one is a classic.This one is a classic.

This might be the meme you’ll use most often. Every day we come across something that is so dumb it leaves you at a loss for words. Some things are so annoying or foolish that only the double face-palm can describe the situation.

Check out the mighty Patrick Stewart on Family Guy:

What’s your favorite Patrick Stewart meme? let me know in the comments below!

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