Pedro Martinez rhymed ‘Miami’ with ‘yummy’ on ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ and everyone lost it

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Celebrity Family Feud is perfect summer viewing — while players and sports leagues are in their offseason, they get to go on the show and be as funny as they want to be while raising money for charity. During Sunday’s episode, Pedro Martinez, representing the MLB Legends family, had to give Steve Harvey a word that rhymed with “yummy.” Seems easy enough — there are word like “mummy,” “dummy,” “crummy,” and “tummy” (which was already on the board.) Pedro’s answer: “Miami.” Everyone starts laughing.

I totally get why he said that, because growing up with family members with thick accents, who have English as their second language, there’s bound to be some bloopers with pronouncing things. Also, from an MLB standpoint, it’s unintentional advertising for All-Star Weekend, which happens to be taking place in Miami this week. Overall, Martinez took it in stride, while Steve Harvey had the best observation: “Yo ass finna be on YouTube.”

Martinez wasn’t done, though. He was one of the two players that got to play Fast Money at the end. He came through with 87 points, which isn’t an ideal score, and part him falling short was because he used MLB player logic on a couple questions:

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Harvey: “We asked 100 men: In your life, how many fistfights have you been in?”

Martinez: “About 15.” [No. 1 answer was “1.”]

Harvey: “Name someone you sometimes have to make a deal with.”

Martinez: “My manager.” [No. 1 answer was “kids.”]

So, those are answers that would make sense if Family Feud asked 100 MLB players, but those aren’t answers 100 regular people would come up with.

“I’m a ball player,” Martinez told Harvey.

“I know. Let’s hope one of them 100 other people played in the league,” Harvey responded. (Survey said zero.) Ultimately, with Prince Fielder being the other one playing Fast Money, MLB Legends came up short by just one point. Dang.

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