People are sharing hilarious snaps of their kids’ extreme sibling rivalries… and even babies are battling for dominance

PEOPLE are sharing hilarious snaps that capture just how fierce sibling rivalry can be.

Many of us will fondly look back on our childhoods and laugh at the fights we once had with our brothers and sisters.

One little girl looks like she’s trying to scare her new sibling as she places a hand on their head

In a gallery of funny snaps shared on social media, users are sharing some of the most epic moments of brothers and sisters at war.

And, it seems that the battle for dominance between siblings can start at a seriously young age, with one snap even showing a pair of babies seemingly trying to out do each other.

From hogging all the cakes, to locking your little brother in a cage, here are some of the most bonkers brother and sister battles…

None for you, sis.

Food for thought?

Jumped up?

The face says it all.

You can’t play with us…

Brothers… they’re always getting under foot

Starting young

She walks all over him

Where’s your little sister?

Under lock and key

It’s never just a game…

Weight to go

Life’s a beach

No paper, no problem

Now that’s a threat

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