Photo of soldier who saluted funeral procession goes viral

Transcript for Photo of soldier who saluted funeral procession goes viral

Finally tonight, “America strong.” It was a simple act of respect that went viral. A soldier saluting a funeral procession. Tonight, the story behind that photo. It’s the type of photo that gives you goose bumps. There, in the pouring rain, a soldier standing at attention saluting a funeral procession. Kentucky resident Erin Hester was driving behind that soldier. It was the most memorable amount of respect that I’ve ever seen another American or human being for that show, you know, somebody else that they had never met before. Reporter: She then shared it on her Facebook. It went viral. At last check, shared more than 133,000 times. The next morning I woke up and there were, I had like, I think 900 Facebook notifications. Reporter: That soldier was also on Facebook and noticed a photo of what looked like himself. I was just a little taken back, a little surprised, and kind of wondering how it happened. Reporter: Colonel Usery, who did two tours in Afghanistan, didn’t know the anyone in that funeral procession. So why did he get out of his car? Family hurting, bad day, rain makes it worse, maybe I can help. And I just did it. Reporter: Having shared that special moment together and all that attention afterwards, Erin and colonel Usery decided to meet up. Hi! I feel like I should give you a hug. How are you? It’s so good to see you. Reporter: Colonel Usery knows people will remember this photo. But he hopes they never forget the lesson. I think the single simple message I’d ask folks to think about is every single day we’re all given opportunities if we just slow down and just help somebody. Great advice for each one of us. Tonight, we salute colonel Usery for being “America strong.” We thank you for watching. “Gma” first thing in the morning. David Muir right back here tomorrow night. I’m Tom llamas in New York. Have a great evening.

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