Photos Of Frowning Donald Trump Cake Go Viral

Delighted by the sweetened version of GOP standard-bearer, Twitter users turned the confection into a meme. According to The Boston Globe, Melissa Alt, the woman behind the Trump cake, also baked one in Hillary Clinton’s likeness. She chose to make one of Trump as well and it was delivered to Trump Tower as a surprise.

Alt said the heads of each cake are made out of modeling chocolate, and the bottoms of each food sculpture are formed by cake with fondant on top.

According to Inverse, it took Alt about 50 hours to bake each cake. The details on the cakes are drawn on using a special edible paint, mixed with vodka.

“Honestly, I was trying to capture Trump in the images I took of him from the Internet, and just worked from them”, she said. “Baking Hillary was a little more hard because Donald has very distinct features, so it was very easy for me to sculpt those”.

A parody Twitter account, @trumpcake16, began posting cake-themed tweets about an hour ago. It was both combined with existing memes and used as the basis of its own cyber-goofs, as you can see in the photos below.

The Republican presidential candidate’s cake likeness isn’t smiling, his edible eyes look tired, and his skin tone is less than even.

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