Pilot’s Instagram Dedicated to Hotel Carpet Goes Viral

© Flickr PHOTO: Bill Young might have the most ‘dad’ Instagram account of all time. (photo via Flickr/chrisjtse) It’s safe to say a majority of travelers pay little mind to the carpet pattern inside their hotel as they likely have far better things to snapshot for their Instagram followers.

Well, one corporate pilot has gone viral for his fascination with matting patterns.

Inspiring? Not really. Fun to look at? Absolutely.

According to ABC News, Bill Young—who travels all over the world for work and stays in hotels when he does—has seen his colorful Instagram account climb from dozens of followers to hundreds of thousands in a matter of days.

“It’s probably to hide dirt, but they always caught my eye,” the 49-year-old told ABC News. “Half the time, I’m walking around jetlagged, and you look down and it’s like, ‘What is this pyramid thing with these stripes coming off it?’ They always drew my eye as being crazy. You rarely see just a regular carpet you’d see in a house.”

Young’s Instagram account, myhotelcarpert, began to blow up after his daughter Jill told her Twitter followers that her Christmas wish was for her dad’s account to go viral.

“He tries to find interesting things all around him. He’s always looking for funny things in countries he travels to,” Jill Young told ABC News.

As of Thursday morning, Young’s account has 526,000 followers and is quickly catching up to Bill Gates.

Young said he still can’t believe all the attention his photos are getting and admits he now feels under pressure to keep the content fresh.

“It’s a fun thing. I don’t see this being a big life-changing event, but I feel like I have pressure to produce,” he added. “I’ve got to create some more content. I was actually a little stressed because I’m not on a trip right now, but I have a trip next week, so get ready.”

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