Plea hearing postponed for teen suspect in viral WinCo shoplifting incident

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The arraignment for a teen shoplifting suspect, seen being detained by a WinCo loss prevention officers in a cellphone video that has since gone viral, has been postponed.

Wednesday morning the 14-year-old girl faced a judge in Clark County Juvenile Court, where she was scheduled to make her plea in the July 8 incident. But the prosecutor said he had not yet reviewed store video, so he didn’t know what to charges to bring against the girl. 

Witness video of the confrontation outside the store was posted to Facebook and by Wednesday had been viewed 10 million times, shared 65,000 times, and generated about 64,000 comments.

Background: Video of WinCo staff’s confrontation with 14-year-old shoplifting suspect goes viral

The video sparked intense debate about the situation. The WinCo officers are seen scuffling with the girl after she allegedly stole a candy bar, while witnesses are heard telling the loss prevention officers to stop.

The girl’s defenders on social media have been saying the loss prevention offers were too rough. Others have said the girl deserved to be detained if she committed a crime.

Police arrived after the confrontation and and arrested the girl.

She had been in juvenile detention from the time of her arrest until her arraignment. But on Wednesday she was released into the custody of her grandmother.

She will be back in court for her official arraignment on July 24.

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