Police department’s viral PSA uses abominable snowman to keep items in cars safe

A Florida police department has released a tongue-in-cheek public service announcement to deter thieves: Lock your doors and take your valuables out of your car, because there aren’t enough yetis in the world to serve as guard-abominable snowmen.

The Miami Police Department’s Facebook page posted the humorous video. Miami Police Officer Nick Perez describes the KRAPPY system, the department’s new system to deter thieves.

“Keeping robbers away and protecting property with a yeti,” he says.

The video shows how the pilot program works: With a pet yeti — a Tibetan term for an abominable snowman — your valuables are always protected. The only problem is there’s only one yeti in the world.

“Until this program is fully in effect, we still recommend you lock your doors before leaving your vehicle, park in well-lit areas and remove your valuables,” Perez says.

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