Prince George’s most hilarious pictures during the royal tour


Princess Charlotte and Prince George were the stars in Germany. USA TODAY

It’s hard being a baby royal — well, sometimes at least.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are tagging along on parents Prince William and Duchess Kate’s tour of Poland and Germany this week, and the resulting photos are adorable.

While arriving in Warsaw, George, 3, seemed to be entertaining himself by pulling some funny faces.

This is a princely look, right? (Photo: Samir Hussein, Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Including this cheeky pout.

And this mischievous side eye.

George’s expression is the eyeball emoji IRL. (Photo: Czarek Sokolowski, AP)

George sported the timid look while his dad, Prince William, stooped down to tell him something. 

After getting off the plane in Berlin, he seemed shy and sleepy.

When is this tour over, again? (Photo: Kay Nietfeld, AP)

Or maybe the sun was just in his eyes?

A picture says a thousand words, and this one seems to say: “This looks like a good place to take a nap…”

*Yawns* (Photo: KAY NIETFELD, AFP/Getty Images)

The seemingly tuckered-out toddler rested his head while holding onto dad Will’s hand.

He doesn’t look too happy when his eye catches the cameras either. 

A bit camera shy, huh? (Photo: Steffi Loos, AP)

With a mini face palm, the prince looks like he’s dreading the day’s activities. 

An impressive looking military line-up?


Mmm, no thanks.

A welcoming handshake?

Sorry, fellow! (Photo: Chris Jackson, Getty Images)

Sorry, not interested. 

Some may see Prince Charles (grandfather of George and Charlotte) in his developing personality. At that age, Charles was also shy and sensitive.

To see more photos from the royal tour, check out the gallery below.

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