Prince Harry’s Stag Party Group Chat Is Hilarious [Video]

I dunno, I guess some of you find this kind of thing hilarious.

We had quite a few peeps send this one our way, and we know that Harry’s stag do is going to be the stuff of much conjecture, so we may as well get this out of the way.

Someone went ahead and created a fictional group chat about how the planning might go down, because nowadays you can’t step out of the house without someone making a group chat about it, and it does have a few zingers in the mix.

I think you’re suitable prepped.

Go on then, click the image below:

Hey, hey, hey? Classic, hey?

Nah, I’m good.

I’ll tell you who is chomping at the bit to play host to Harry and his fellow party animals – ‘Stralia. Here’s Traveller24:

Australia’s tourism minister has made a shameless pitch to entice Prince Harry Down Under for his stag night or honeymoon, offering a James Bond-style “helicopter crawl” or seclusion in the Outback…

Australia can provide the perfect pre-wedding party and an amazing romantic honeymoon after the wedding,” he says in a statement.

The minister says the prince and his friends could replace the traditional Aussie pub crawl with a helicopter crawl of Outback drinking venues, or go fishing for barramundi in the Northern Territory.

“We also have suggested they could come to the Gold Coast and go dune buggying,” he told Channel Nine television.

Way to play it cool and let them come to you, pal.

It’s Friday, everyone, so let’s get through this together.


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