Professor's Kind Gesture For Mom In Class Goes Viral

A college professor in the Ivory Coast went above and beyond to help a student in his class.

Professor Honoré Kahi teaches communications at Université Alassane Ouattara in Bouaké, Ivory Coast. He found online fame this week after assisting a student who brought her baby to class. A collection of viral photos show that Professor Kahi offered to wear the baby on his back when she wouldn’t stop crying.

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This communications professor went above and beyond for his student.

The professor told France 24 that it’s fairly common for female students to bring their babies to class. That day, the young mom left the room three times to try to calm her crying baby, but her efforts were to no avail. So, the teacher offered some assistance. 

With the mom’s permission, the professor used a wrap to attach the baby to his back. The little one immediately calmed down, soothed by his pacing back and forth, and eventually fell asleep, he said. 

“My student told me she was very touched by this gesture, and that she was very surprised because there is generally some distance between students and teachers,” he recalled, adding that he believes teachers should work to create a sense of solidarity and social ties with their students.

Site De Rencontre Des Etudiants De L’afrique

Wearing his student’s baby on his back immediately calmed the crying infant. 

Professor Kahi told BBC that many other students were surprised to see him engaged in babywearing. Some started to laugh and several took photos, which later appeared on a dating-themed Facebook page for African college students. The post with the photos received over 27,000 likes, and the story quickly spread on Twitter and Facebook feeds throughout West Africa and beyond. 

Many have hailed Professor Kahi as a “hero” for his kind gesture. But he insists it was no big deal. “I’m the teacher, and teachers are human beings — we are not robots,” he told BBC.

As for his babywearing abilities, the professor explained that it’s a common skill in Africa, particularly in rural areas, and that he learned to tie the baby wrap by watching women do it. 

“In fact, men are able to do certain things, and usually, it’s the social representations … society that prevents them from doing certain things,” he said, noting that “male chauvinism” is a prevailing attitude.

Site De Rencontre Des Etudiants De L’afrique

“I’m the teacher, and teachers are human beings — we are not robots,” he said of the incident.

Professor Kahi said he wants to young mothers to get an education, even if the odds are stacked against them. In his BBC interview, he encouraged moms to have “perseverance,” “optimism” and “fighting spirit.”

“Fighting is the meaning of life, because life is not easy,” he said.

But with the support of teachers like him, the challenges may be easier to face.

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