Rams Coach Jeff Fisher says it was ‘hilarious’ to search for his challenge flag

Rams Coach Jeff Fisher dug through his pockets Sunday in search of his red challenge flag.

Television cameras watched. Broadcasters laughed. And the Internet rushed to create fresh 7-9 memes.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Fisher said Tuesday.

The Rams trailed the New England Patriots, 17-0, during the third quarter of an eventual 26-10 loss at Gillette Stadium.

After officials ruled that Rams receiver Brian Quick was out of bounds on a catch, Fisher checked his parka, grabbed his sweatshirt, felt his pants pocket and went through his parka again before he was forced to tell the sideline official that he wanted to challenge the ruling.

The official asked for Fisher’s flag. Fisher kept digging.

“I keep my flag in my back right pocket of my coaching pants,” Fisher said Tuesday. “I was a little underdressed in the first half, I started to get cold, so I put some wind pants on and then I put a jacket on. I had this really long jacket and then I was wired for NFL films and then I have a belt pack with two things on the side. I had taken the challenge flag and I had stuck it in one of the pockets of this big jacket.”

Officials reviewed the play and overturned the call, which resulted in a 17-yard gain and led to a 44-yard field goal — the Rams’ first points.

“It was just one of those funny moments on the sideline,” Fisher said.

Maybe, but no one was laughing after the Rams fell to 4-8. For many, it was another red flag about why Fisher should not have received a contract extension.

Luckily for Fisher, the Rams on Sunday will return to the sunny sidelines of the Coliseum against the Atlanta Falcons. 

But someone better check his pockets before their Dec. 15 game against the Seahawks in Seattle. 


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