Rebecca Black chasing musical success beyond viral ‘Friday’ fame

One-hit wonder Rebecca Black wants to reclaim the spotlight.

The 19-year-old singer — who skyrocketed to unbridled viral fame in 2011 behind her campy hit “Friday” — recently came back with her first musical release in nearly three years.

But she acknowledges the whirlwind phenomenon that was “Friday” — a goofy song about the weekend revered by many for being bad — was an important step in getting her foot in the music industry’s door.

“When ‘Friday’ did its thing and I was 13, I was just trying to figure everything out,” Black told Yahoo in a new interview. “I knew that I loved music and that I loved performing and being onstage — that was where I felt at home.”

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“So ‘Friday’ was kind of like a little tester of, ‘Alright, I think I want to do this for the rest of my life. Let’s see if I like being in the studio, let’s see if I like being on the set of a music video.’ And then it just kind of happened that it blew up and did its thing,” she continued.

Rebecca’s latest song “The Great Divide” features more mature themes than the campy song about the weekend that made her a one-hit wonder.

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Black largely disappeared from the spotlight after achieving such widespread attention to complete middle school but returned to the public eye during high school as a YouTube personality.

But it wasn’t until she graduated high school that she realized she wanted to be taken seriously as an artist.

“That was when I was able to dive in and get started and write music that I really loved,” she told Yahoo. “I was able to link up with some really cool songwriters and producers, and that was when I was able to focus and start to get real with myself — and get back to my true, core me.”

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She released her first single in years last summer with “The Great Divide,” a song featuring much more mature themes than her insubstantial hit as a 13-year-old.

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The new song can be interpreted as a metaphor for her life, consisting of a message about breaking free from the past in order to make strides in the future.

Black’s attempt to prove herself as a musician mirrors the path of Carly Rae Jepsen, who exploded into the public eye behind her mindless megahit “Call Me Maybe” in 2011, but has since earned critical acclaim for releases like her 2016 EP “Emotion: Side B.”

“The Great Divide” currently sits 25th on the Billboard Dance Club songs chart. It still has a long, long way to go to reach “Friday,” however, considering that song has 105 million views on YouTube, compared to less than 3 million for the new track.

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