Rebel Wilson just took on Ross Geller in an epic rap battle (courtesy of James Corden, naturally)

How do you follow up the viral sensation that is Carpool Karaoke? You get the celebrities out of the car and into an epic rap battle, of course.

James Corden’s newest late night segment, ‘Drop The Mic’ is the latest of his videos to go viral and quite rightly too as it pits celebrities against each other in a rap battle of epic proportions.

The rap battle between Ross Gellar (sorry, David Schwimmer) Vs. James Corden Vs. our July cover star Rebel Wilson has already amassed nearly 5 million views.

Watch the hilarity here…

[embedded content]

‘Drop The Mic’ is James Corden’s newest segment in his The Late Late Show With James Corden and sees James go up against his latest celebrity guest in a battle of rhymes and put-downs that are both hysterical (if a little mean?!)

Case in point…

Source: CBS via

Source: CBS via

Source: CBS via

Rebel and David aren’t the only stars to have gone up against James though, with everyone’s favourite Princess of Genovia: Anne Hathaway, taking a stand against him in the first ever ‘Drop The Mic’.

[embedded content]

Anne pretty much ‘Hatha-slayed’ with her rhymes, calling out James for his lack of fitting suits and British accent. Though we have to admit, James’ quip-come-dig at her One Day accent did make us LOL.

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