See how Priyanka Chopra is counting down to Christmas

Priyanka Chopra is giving us major Christmas feels with her Instagram posts. Starting December, our girl in New York, started posting pictures of her Christmas tree, which went up on the first Sunday of the month. 


In the photo was Priyanka with her friends, with the decorated and lit tree as the backdrop. One of the people in the photo is Yasmine Al Massri, the actor from Quantico who plays the twins Raina and Nimah.

The Quantico star who plays Alex Parrish, also put up another photo of Yasmine tying a red bow on her head. Clearly the two actors have bonded and have become like family when their real families are far away.

Said Priyanka, “Friends like family. This was so much fun to do with you again this year @jazmasri â¤ï¸Â”

Much like the paper flap advent calendars that counted down to Christmas, Priyanka is giving us an almost-advent calendar on Instagram.

It all started around Thanksgiving, with our girl in New York, posting images of herself and friend Mubina Rattonsey prepping for a Thanksgiving meal. Priyanka captioned the photo, “Lol! God bless this meal. @mubinarattonsey can’t believe I’m chopping! #thanksgiving” 

After which Priyanka posted a picture of her, all cleaned up and togged in a bodycon black dress and heels, carrying a plate of food to the Thanksgiving meal. “This is how we do it.. #thanksgiving #foodcoma â¤ï¸ÂðŸ™ðŸ¼ðŸ¥Â‚🎉’’ she said.

She also posted a picture of a table groaning with food – turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetables – with and friends and family gathered around. She commented, “So Thankful for my family and friends. Happy thanksgiving to everyone celebrating . I’m grateful for everyone who has stood in my corner through it all.. you are the family I choose… 🎉😍ðŸ¥Â˜ #foodcoma’’

 Priyanka may be far away from home but she’s certainly making the most of where she is and we can’t wait for her updated Insta feed.

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