Serena Williams, Chrissy Teigen & More Celeb Moms Who Got Real About Parenting

One month after welcoming daughter Henley with husband Doug Hehner, the Married at First Sight star opened up about what she’s learned about motherhood so far in an Instagram post. “I never knew the excruciating pain that came AFTER having a baby I always feared her coming out – probably shouldn’t admit this since I’m a L&D nurse, but I never truly realized how painful the healing process is – for like weeks,” she wrote. 

“Peeing with stitches, trying to poo, breastfeeding … even just sitting down,” added Otis. “OUCH! ..I cant even imagine the recovery for c-section. Having a baby is a total life changer over night. You know this going into it, but can never fully prepare for it all.” 

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