Shane Warne and Julie Andrews tipped for I’m A Celebrity?

Warnie: Probs not entering the jungle.

IT’S a little less than two weeks until the 2016 season of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! kicks off, and while the identities of the brave celebs heading into the jungle are being kept a closely guarded secret, rumours are flying thick and fast.

Some, it has to be said, are aiming a little high.

Given that arguably the biggest star to appear on last year’s inaugural season was Maureen McCormick — aka Marcia from The Brady Bunch — it’s safe to assume genuine Hollywood A-listers won’t be heading into the jungle in 2016. Sorry to disappoint you, but we can categorically state that Cate Blanchett won’t be taking a break from awards season to eat live Witchetty grubs in order to earn a can of beans.

Dr. Chris Brown reveals new series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here will be more dangerous with the show being filmed in Africa

Here at, we’ve had a fair crack at the ten celebs who’ve signed up for the show based on the enigmatic clues Channel 10 have provided us. Among our guesses? Who Dares Wins star Tania Zaetta, comedian Akmal Saleh, women’s mag favourite Lisa Curry-Kenny and scandal-prone footy star Brendan Fevola.

While Warnie in the jungle would be AMAZING, we’re not quite convinced. Picture: GettySource:Getty Images

Others, however, are aiming a little higher with their guesses about who could appear on the show.

The Daily Mail have today run a an ‘exclusive report’ stating that cricket legend, Instagram addict and former Mr Liz Hurley, Shane Warne, has signed on to be one of the ten celebs.

They cite an unnamed ‘media industry source’, and assert that “Shane fills the aforementioned category of ‘cricket player’ — a clue which was previously revealed by the network.”

The only issue? There’s no mention of a cricket player among the ten clues on offer this year.

Of the three sportspeople mentioned, there’s a ‘champion sportswoman’, a ‘rugby league superstar’ and an ‘AFL legend’ — but no cricketer.

Whos’ joining Julia Morris and Dr Chris in the jungle? Spoiler: Probably no Oscar winners.Source:Channel 10

Perhaps Warnie’s being held back as a special guest intruder, but based on those clues, we can’t see him being part of the initial ten contestants heading in to the jungle.

Over at television industry blog Decider TV, their pick for one clue — “a Theatrical Lady who was a teenage movie star, a triple threat and now is a real Lady” — is none other than Hollywood royalty and star of The Sound Of Music, Dame Julie Andrews.

We’re not convinced — and not just because the sight of Mary Poppins sticking her hand into a box of live spiders for cash is surely one of the signs of an impending apocalypse.

Closer to home, a much more likely contender to fill that role appears to have let slip about her involvement in the show on social media overnight.

Rhonda Burchmore posted a picture of herself enjoying a glass of champagne with the caption, “With @lexiela about to say goodbye to Melbourne and head off into the jungle #firstclasslounge #qantas #excitedinmypants #startspreadingthenews! Lol x.”

Given that Burchmore is a Theatrical Lady who was a teenage movie star (1982’s Pirate Movie was her first taste of fame) a definite triple threat and now a real Lady (she has an Order of Australia medal), we’d hazard a guess she ain’t off on a Contiki trip.

All will be revealed when the new season kicks off on Sunday January 31, but until then, we’ll keep you updated on all the I’m A Celeb rumours – outlandish though some of them may be.

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