She Sees Her Grandma’s Job Resignation Letter. Goes Viral As Soon As She Posts Photo Online


What do you do when you’re fed up with a job? Are you the person who walks out of the office and never looks back? Or do you scour the job boards looking for a new opportunity before you hand in your resignation notice two weeks before your last day? While the majority of people want to “play it by the book” and not burn any bridges, this Scottish grandmother did not hold back her rage when she submitted her brutally honest and ferocious resignation letter. Her blunt letter was shared on Twitter and has since gone viral thousands of times over. If you’re looking to quit a job, take a page out of this grandmother’s book.

Because she looks up to her grandmother, Twitter user @_KaitlynMcGrory wanted the world to see how brave her matriarch is. She took a picture of her grandmother’s resignation letter and posted it on her Twitter account.

Here’s what the Scottish grandmother wrote to her manager:

“Dear Mr MacGillvray.

“Notice of Termination of Employment.

“The job’s (sic) crap and am leaving.

“I’ll no be back after June 30th. Canny wait.

“Good luck in getting some other mug to clean the place.



“Yee Ha.”

Because the letter has sparked the imagination of the internet – not to mention the millions of sorry blokes stuck in a dead-end job, it has gone viral like gangbusters. The tweet, which was captioned with: “Nah man my grans notice for leaving her work wish a was kidding on,” has been retweeted more than 12,500 times and liked a whopping 52,000 times.

Many people shared their own comments and joined the conversation around the controversial resignation letter.

Brian Douglas shared, “1. My mom went through something similar in a janitorial position. Employer wouldn’t pay her minimal wage. Not talking about a living… 2. wage, but the minimum wage. Given my dad passed away months before this (2013), I helped her muster courage to quit. Wasn’t easy…”

More people shared their love for Marlene’s resignation letter on including these fine comments:

“With her obvious literary skills, and excellent use of the language, she will have many choices for employment,” wrote one snarky reader.

“Sadly today, more and more Jobs in America are controlled by Bosses who are First Class Losers with ZERO People skills!  It makes any job just that much more unpleasant!!  Consider your own personal situation and you will instantly know where I am coming from!!”

One person didn’t think granny had the gall to send the letter.

“Probably did not really happen, but good idea! I once asked someone how to write a resignation letter and they responded, ‘Why go to all that trouble? How about calling them up and saying, “I quit.”’ Best advice ever and it worked like a charm. If your employer is awful, that bridge needs to be burned.”

What do you think about the way this Scottish granny quit her cleaning job? Would you ever do something like this?

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