Someone Found This Hilarious Bucket List In A Dressing Room And It’s Going Viral

We’ve all got a bucket list, or some list of aspirations we’d one day like to reach. Everyone harbours dreams that they hope to achieve at some point in their life. For me, I’d like to drive Route 66, or down the West Coast. I’d also like to run the marathon and swim in the Great Barrier Reef. However, some people’s bucket lists are a bit more ‘achievable’, and contain activities such as getting a ‘boob hickey’ or taking ‘8 hoe photos’ on Instagram.
Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving, and its latest golden nugget is a right gem. Twitter user @scorpiosars, was using the changing rooms in Urban Outfitters, when she discovered what is possibly the most pure and hilarious bucket list we have ever seen. The list, which features the simple things such as “make a summer playlist” is a shining example of how to live the best life, and has deservedly gone viral on Twitter due to how its amazing simplicity.

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