Spain’s Got Talent Opera Singer’s Performance from Opera to Rock Goes Viral

When contestant Christina Ramos came onto the stage earlier this week, there was nothing unusual about it. Just another contestant, right? But then she swept the jury off their feet after her performance turned from opera singing to… AC/DC‘s “Highway to Hell.”

At the beginning of her performance, the 37-year old amazed the jury after singing an aria perfectly, but out of a sudden, the music changed, and they were in complete shock after she changed genres in a matter of seconds and she looked a bit surprised as moved from opera to “Highway to Hell,” showing impressive talent, ripping her long, black skirt in the process!

After her performance, the crowd exploded into cheers, and she ended up being sent right to the semi-final after a member pressed on the gold buzzer!

The jury congratulated her, and admitted that this is what they’re looking for, a true artist who would be able to amaze as well to impress them. Check out the performance here:

[embedded content]


She definitely impressed me, and I can’t help but wonder why such talents aren’t internationally famous, instead of so many singers using auto-tune. Leave your thoughts about Ramos’ performance below!

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