Steph Curry copied Klay Thompson’s dunk fail in China and it was hilarious

When Klay Thompson was in China celebrating his new shoe deal, he had an amazing time. But for fans, one of the highlights of the trip was watching the Warriors star try to dunk the basketball and fail terribly. And apparently his teammate Steph Curry thought it was funny, too — while also in China, Curry mimicked Thompson’s failed dunk and thought it was the funniest thing ever:

[embedded content]

He’s right — that’s hilarious.

You can tell Curry knew exactly what he was doing — just look how similar it was to the Thompson’s dunk-tastic failure last month:

Same exact dunk, same exact fail. The only difference is Steph was cracking up on the floor, and Klay was, well… not.

Even the event announcer knew exactly what Curry was doing, shouting “What happened Klay?” to Curry as he grinned on the ground.

Of course, to truly emulate Thompson’s amazing summer in China, Steph still has a few things to do — he has to go dancing in a club, lose in arm wrestling, and shoot a terrible air ball in a pickup game.

But if Steph can do those with the same grace he mocked Klay’s dunk with, we might have #ChinaSteph AND #ChinaKlay on our hands.

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