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Amber Rose pulls a pout as she waits for her car at valet after lunch in West Hollywood

She has one of the best smiles in the game. But Amber Rose chose to keep it hidden as she waited for her car on Wednesday. The 34-year-old beauty didn’t look too impressed as she stood at the valet following lunch at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood. Where’s that famous smile? Amber Rose pulled a pout

“Come & Take The Ritual Money You Donated To Me” – Kemi Olunloyo Curses Linda Ikeji

Kemi Olunloyo Curses Linda Ikeji: Come & Take The Ritual Money You Donated To Me by Amagite(f): 5:42am Ok, this is getting out of hand. Kemi Olunloyo is still on Linda Ikeji’s case, insisting her pregnancy is fake, and now she has moved to cursing her and her family. She has also told her to

Kim Kardashian Congratulates Chrissy Teigen on Second Child With Giant Flower Bouquet

Celebrity The reality TV star is happy for close friend Chrissy Teigen, who recently gave birth to her second child, Miles Theodore. May 24, 2018 AceShowbiz – Kim Kardashian, 37, surely knows a pleasant and beautiful surprise to give to her bestie, Chrissy Teigen, who gave birth to her second child with John Legend on

The new Twitter badge of honor, ‘I was blocked by a celebrity!’

A federal judge has ruled that President Donald Trump cannot block people on Twitter TWTR, +0.30% And while some are cheering the decision, others are lamenting the loss of a coveted badge of honor. On Wednesday, New York District Court Judge Naomi Buchwald ruled that Trump and other public officials cannot block users on social

Jennifer Lopez’s gym bag costs $18,500

© Splash News Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez arrive at TruFusion gym in Miami on May 23, 2018. When Jennifer Lopez hits the gym, it’s her wallet that gets a workout. On May 23, the singer hit up the TruFusion gym in Miami with her beau, Alex Rodriguez. While rocking an all-white outfit and neon

Little Girl Wipes Out Trying To Photobomb Sister’s Father-Daughter Dance

Photobombing is one the funniest and most amusing Internet trends we had in the past couple of years, and it is still alive and kicking! Everybody does it, from celebrities to ordinary people, and everybody loves it! But the one is this video really brings the whole game to the next level. Because it’s not

A Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney Is Becoming A Celebrity In The Memeverse

If you drive down any random stretch of highway anywhere in the United States, chances are you’ll see dozens, if not scores, of billboards promoting personal injury law firms before you reach your destination or even the next exit in some cases. It seems like these law firms will buy advertising space anywhere and everywhere

Meghan Markle’s half-sister compares bride’s mom Doria to a ‘hockey player’ and royals to the ‘Addams family’

Guess who still won’t shut up about the royal wedding? Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha Grant — who recently started using the last name Markle again — took to Twitter days after Meghan, 36, marriedPrince Harry, 33, to criticize the bride (again) and take aim at the royal family as well as Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland,

HBO’s New ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Adaptation is Inexplicably Set in Cleveland

click to enlarge Sam Allard / Scene HBO Films’ Fahrenheit 451 is inexplicably set in Cleveland, Ohio. The adaptation of the 1953 Ray Bradbury novel, a sci-fi classic, stars Michael B. Jordan as fireman Guy Montag in a dystopian near-future where books are burned, independent thought has been outlawed, and pivotal moments occur in “the

Kevin Federline Wants $60,000 Per Month in Child Support from Britney Spears (LOL!)

It’s 2018 and Kevin Federline is still in the news. We just felt a need to state that incredible fact prior to delving into the reason why Kevin Federline is in the news at this current moment. In this case, Britney Spears strongly wishes her Z-Lister of an ex-husband were NOT making headlines, considering Federline’s attorney had