TENSION!!! Viral Audio Message Calls For Genocide Against Igbos In The North On Oct 1

A hateful audio recording by a man who gives his name as Ibrahim Muhammad Jajere, which calls for the Northern people to “rise up against the Igbos” using “a match stick and a litre of petrol” and other dangerous weapons to attack them on October 1, 2017 has gone viral.

The message, narrated in Hausa language, was received by The Trent’s Editors on Whatsapp on Sunday, July 2, 2017. It echoes the same intolerant rhetoric that was recently published by a
coalition of Arewa youth groups calling for the eviction of Igbos from Northern Nigeria.

“My name is Ibrahim Muhammad Jajere I want to use this medium to tell Northerners, especially the youth that the Igbo are not your brothers therefore let no one deceive you because enough of the deceit.
We need to arise and drive them out.Imagine you accommodated this person gave him a shop and secured his property then he insults you and calls you an animal. In their region you cannot even own land or property

Go to the Aba and Onitsha markets and you won’t find even one Hausa man who owns a shop or even a house they would not allow that to happen. But come to the North we have accommodated you (Igbos) this is enough.

The quit notice issued for 1st October is still in place the Igbos must leave the North or else we the Northerners especially the youth should just arise we do not need AK47 or explosives the thing needed is a match stick and a litre of petrol which is very cheap.

Then anywhere you see the property of the Igbos just burn it and burn them too if they refuse to leave by 1st October. They have corrupted our society and our youths because they are the ones that provide intoxicants in the north. They also bring arms. What do we need the Igbos for?

I call on all Northern youth, to arise, who is afraid of the Igbos.If not for our useless nothern leaders,in fact we need to rise up against them because even in my state Kaduna and the 19 northern states you find Igbos executing contracts supplies and the rest.

Are there no northerners to execute these contracts? Our state allocations are returned to the Igbos, are northerners awarded contracts in the South? No northerner can get a contract in Imo, Anambra, Abia, Enugu. They would not allow it this we know. And one bastard governor called [Nasir] El Rufai will say our youth should be arrested, let him go and Bleep his father.

I swear they must leave the North, let them go and do the restructuring. If not rascality 80% of their Investment is not in Igboland. I swear and call on our youth to arise and destroy their properties and kill them.
No one will arrest you, anyone that wants to arrest you should first arrest Apostle [Johnson] Suleman who asked for the killing of Fulanis.

Nnamdi Kanu threatened everyone in this country and was walking around freely and he should not be arrested? Let them try to arrest the Arewa youth and then the war will start. I call on the people of the North, this is your last chance.
If you do not take advantage of it and deal with the Igbos once and for all you will regret it. I charge all Northerners not to touch the Yorubas because they are peace loving, just allow them enjoy their ceremonious lifestyle do not touch them but the Igbos we must burn and destroy them.
I leave you in peace.”

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