The Internet is CONVINCED they know the gender of Beyoncé’s twins

After months of eagerly waiting for the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s twins, reports over the weekend claims the Kween gave birth to over a WEEK ago.

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According to Us Weekly, Bey gave birth to a baby boy and girl on Monday, June 12.

While the news is yet to be confirmed by the muso legends themselves, Bey’s dad beat them to it and shared this congratulatory post on Twitter and Insta:

Naturally, the Beyhive was not here for Mathew Knowles taking their gurl’s spotlight and are patiently waiting for their Kween herself to signal the reports are true:

In the meantime, the swarm is buzzing with rumours about the twin’s genders thanks to this photograph of someone entering the hospital where Bey gave birth.

The not-so-subtle gift shows a pair of boy and girl balloons, along with a card that was reportedly addressed to ‘B & J’.

While the initials could hint at the new kiddos’ names, it’s also possible they’re just addressed to Bey and Jay.

All that’s left to do now is a) start planning Beyby names and b) wait for the official confirmation…

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