This Celebrity REALLY Wants To Throw A Tribe First Pitch

WILD THING!! Or, as you may know him, Charlie Sheen is back at it again online, almost begging to throw out the first pitch at a Cleveland Indian’s postseason game – and the fans REALLY want it to happen.

If you don’t remember, last year during the World Series, Sheen repeatedly asked the Indians to throw out a first pitch, however it just never happened. Even after messages like this:

People got so upset, they even started saying the reason the Indians lost, was because they never let him on the field.

Well, here we are again, the verdge of heading back to the postseason.  While some of the team, and the atmostphere looks a little different, Charlie Sheen will NEVER change, and he is back, ready and waiting to throw a first pitch.  Which means even crazier posts like this.

Who knows, maybe he is right.  Maybe he is JUST the guy we need! #GetMeVaughn

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