This deaf Uber driver’s note has gone viral

© iStock This deaf Uber driver’s note has gone viral

Sometimes the Uber driver to passenger relationship can be very distant. But other times, two strangers can bond over shared experience in their rideshare. The internet was graced by a photo from 20-year-old Rachel Hastings in her Uber.

The driver, Onur Kerey, had posted a note for the passengers that read, “Hi I’m Onur welcome to my uber (: I’m deaf so if you need to tell me something, please text me, or when we’ve stopped you can write it in the notepad to show me. You can use the AUX cable to play your own music—if you have anything with strong bass I will enjoy it too. Thanks for bearing with me & have a great day.”

The viral tweet currently has over 500,000 likes and counting. Kerey himself even responded to it, thanking his riders for sharing his message.

Getting from point A to point B surely sounds better with kind words and strong bass.

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