“This Doesn’t Look Like Something That Was Conveniently Sat Upon For Some Later Use”

Big arrows hitting Jameis

Arguably the most powerful and reasoned voice in NFL media, the guy that has the ear of every owner and general manager, ProFootballTalk.com guru Mike Florio, has weighed in distinctly on the new sexual groping accusation fired at America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Those unaware can click through the link above, but in short, a female Uber driver claims Jameis placed his hand on her crotch without permission while they were in a fast-food, drive-thru line in Scottsdale, Arizona. She didn’t contact police but filed a detailed complaint with Uber quickly.

That latter element was a focus for Florio during his Friday PFT PM podcast, where he said things look very bad for Jameis.

“This doesn’t look like something that was conveniently sat upon for some later use,” Florio said.

“If Winston did this, how stupid is he?” Florio went on to ask rhetorically. He’s already avoided potential prosecution, prison, for an allegation of rape. I don’t know what he paid to settle the case that the accuser brought against him.

“In the first place, why would you ever do it? But if you did anything, or if you just were wrongfully accused, I think being wrongfully accused would make you even more likely to sit there hands in your pockets, looking straight ahead, never do anything, any way, anyhow, that anyone could ever reasonably or unreasonably misinterpret as inappropriate. So the fact that you’re even in this situation facing this accusation, that’s troubling.”

What a mess this is on so many levels for Jameis and the Bucs.

Even if he’s not guilty, the team and Jameis are in a near no-win spot in the court of public opinion. And if he is guilty, well, then Jameis is going to have a new team.

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