This Girl May Have Lost Her Arm But Is Winning The Internet With Her Hilarious Tinder Bio

It’s amazing how creative people can get with their Tinder bios. Remember this hilarious one that went viral?

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Or this one?

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But, there’s a new contender for the best Tinder bio. Lauren honestly has the best sense of humour. The 21-year-old lost her arm in a moped accident about a year ago, but she hasn’t let that stop her at all, she’s even found a way to laugh about it.

“I was going pretty fast on a moped and lost control of it, and I hit the median in the road,” Lauren told BuzzFeed News. “I flew off and hit a sign and it sliced my arm off. I stayed conscious the whole time.” But, thankfully, she was saved by a policeman who came to the scene.

“For a while, I wasn’t okay with the jokes,” said Lauren. “But then I started telling the jokes, and it’s kind of helped.” Social media has helped her a lot to help her cope up with what happened.





Talking about her now viral Tinder bio, she said, “I got home pretty drunk, and I don’t remember typing it up really,” she said. “I just woke up to someone DM’ing me a Reddit post asking if it was me, and I was like damn, I guess it is.”

Go home everyone, she just won Tinder. 

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