This Guy Photoshops Himself With Celebrities On Instagram & It’s Hilarious AF

Just when you thought you’ve seen all that there is to see on everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, Instagram, in walks Lorenz Valentino, dressed sharp as a knife in a full-body dinosaur suit that is custom-made for adults. Confused? 

Lorenz Valentino is our current favourite person to follow on Instagram for the simple reason that he’s downright hilarious. Model and actor, Valentino has been known to maintain an Instagram feed filled with his photographs posing with celebrities. Only, he isn’t posing as much as he is trolling, but in a rather harmless and fun way. 

Don’t know what I mean? 

Check this out for starters… 

I mean, we’re always up for Dino cleaning up after the First Lady Of The United States, Melania Trump!

And it gets funnier… like, with this picture of Beyonce being… well, Beyonce…

We bet Kylie’s current, Travis Scott, as well as her ex, Tyga would have something to say about this…

Or the fact that Taylor Swift has got some serious competition going on there…

Didn’t Mirranda Kerr just get married? Would we find this on Snapchat by any chance?

Haha okay, this is funny, Cara!

Okay, this definitely takes the cake!

Did Deadpool have any words for this?

We know where Beckham got those tattoos from now!

Basically, you get the gist… Lorenz is plenty funny. Also, we might want to loan the dino suit sometime.

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Main Image: Instagram

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