This Virginia couple’s dance moves are a viral sensation

A Virginia couple went viral over the weekend after a video of them dancing at a Ludacris concert was shared thousands of times.

Nick and Emma, of Fredericksburg, Va., went to a Ludacris concert on July 30 and when J-Kwon’s song “Tipsy” came on they busted out their moves. 

Jaimie Ashton captured the moment on Facebook.

After seeing the video, WUSA9 reporter Marcella Robertson caught up with the couple Friday.

When asked why they were at a Ludacris concert, Nick said his motto is, “if it’s got a beat, we’re in the street!”

They’ve been together 48 years — and they’re still going strong!

But it seems Nick and Emma are regularly viral sensations. Another video of them dancing was posted to Ellentube in November 2016.

Regardless they’re adorable and we hope to be this cute when we’re grown up! 

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