Tourism Bureau slams viral ‘ads’ praising fall in Chinese tourists

By Christine Chou ,The China Post
July 18, 2016, 4:29 pm TWN

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Tourism Bureau on Monday strongly criticized parody advertisements circulating online that celebrate the dropping numbers of Chinese visitors at tourist destinations in Taiwan.

The pictures were reported to the bureau by travel agencies after going viral among mainland netizens. They show local scenery with “Welcome to Taiwan without Chinese” in English and slogans such as “Without Chinese tourists, it’s now possible to relax in the most popular destinations” and “No more trouble caused by Chinese tourists; A carefree journey begins here” in Chinese.

In a statement, the bureau said that tourism was important to encouraging communication between different cultures and should not become a source of conflict and prejudice.

“People who discriminate against mainland Chinese tourists lack tolerance of diversity, and they also tend to discriminate against people from other cultures and social classes,” the bureau said.

“We should discourage this kind of racism, and at the same time we should not ignore but rather acknowledge that this sort of discrimination is present in our society.”

“Rumors stop at the wise,” a bureau official added. “Taiwan certainly welcomes mainland Chinese tourists.”

This image, one of a set that has gone viral in Taiwan and mainland China, reads “Explore the real Taiwan; No Chinese tourists.” (Photo courtesy of My Angel News)

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