Twitter Reviews Varun Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 And It Is The Most Hilarious Review You’ll Ever Read !

The most awaited movie of the year Judwaa 2 is on screens (honestly we didn’t knew about it until the trailer was out). The remake of Salman Khan’s Judwaa. Staring Varun Dhawan 1, Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, and Jacqueline Fernandez.

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Shocking but Varun’s biggest block buster of the year is Judwaa 2. The audience was not to thrilled with the trailer as it was too long and was very much similar like the original Judwaa (Judwaa 1). Thanks to the marketing, Judwaa 2 has surprised everyone and has become the biggest box-office opening so far. While the audience has a very polarizing response of the movie so far on the other hand the critics are still slamming the movie of being a brainless puddle of thoughts.

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Here is what audience have to say,

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Judwaa 2 is the kind of the film that makes you feel like you are stuck in the worst phase of 1980s and 1990s Hindi cinema wherein the female characters have no job but to be silly and smiling on pretty little things, the jokes are crass and the search for logic is like searching a needle in a haystack.

Somewhere in the first half of the movie Raja (Varun Dhawan) calls out a bunch of rowdies for being “molesty”  and proceeds to beat the living out of the poor man. The same Raja who can’t stop himself from spanking the butt of any women no matter what age, who bends in front of him. Not just that he do not think twice before kissing a woman force-ably not just once or twice but several times without her consent. You realize that irony just died thousand deaths.

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