VERIFY: Are these Irma related viral videos real?


Are these Irma related viral videos real?


No, they are fake


Google reverse image search, Youtube


Three viral videos have been making the rounds on social media related to Hurricane Irma. The first one appeared on Facebook Live, with the caption “It’s Irma hitting Barbuda Island.”  This video had 24 million views after being shared by more than 730,000 people. Our team traced that video back to a youtube page where it was posted in April of 2016; this is a tornado in Uruguay. 

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The second video also posted on Facebook claims that viewers are watching a shocking live video of Irma hitting the Caribbean. Hundreds of people watched and shared the video, believing it was real. 

However, there were a couple of people that caught on to the video being a fake live stream. One saying the guy is just trying to get followers – the other saying “shame on you” and calling him “pathetic.”

WUSA9 verify researchers did a reverse Google image search and found the source of that video posted on Youtube – it’s actually from Cyclone Vardah in India – and from 2016. 

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