VIDEO: Andrew McCutchen’s Hilarious Impression of Hunter Pence is Spot On

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​Andrew McCutchen is going to fit in just fine in San Francisco.

The former Pittsburgh Pirate has an infectious personality, and is finally set to get to work with his new teammates in Spring Training.

But first, Cutch gets to have a little fun at the expense of his new friends. When asked to impersonate one of his new teammates, McCutchen chose none other than Hunter Pence. The result was one of a kind, and downright hilarious.

Pence is a strange character in today’s MLB, and has heavily influenced a cult following of fans that make fun of him on the road. It’s all in jest, but Pence plays along, and could very well be the weirdest player in the modern game.

Cutch embodies that perfectly in Pence’s batting stance, stating that the 34-year-old ‘stands facing the opposite way’, and seemingly jerking his body towards the baseball in ways that would give a normal athlete a muscle spasm.

Hunter Pence is not most men, but Cutch came awfully close to making us double-take.

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