Hecklers often aren’t welcome during a golf tournament, but players heckling each other during some casual play? Oh yes, that is hilarious.

The European Tour posted footage Wednesday of a little experiment it conducted with four of its players. Andy Sullivan, Nicolas Colsaerts, Thorbjorn Olesen and Paul Waring appeared in a video where, under the guise of testing a player performance study about consistency, they heckled each other to no end while trying to swing.

The contest was two on two (Sullivan and Olesen vs. Colsaerts and Waring). We’re not really sure we needed the “performance study” intro as justification for this video, because what transpired was absolutely hilarious regardless of any context.

In the video, the players engaged in a series of heckles via props. The whole list of heckling acts during play: Yelling into megaphones, blowing air horns, throwing water balloons, blasting water guns, talking on the phone, taking pictures as posed professional photographers, playing badminton, running leaf blowers, spinning the opponent around and having the opponent putt with a blindfold.

(Those last two may not be considered heckles, per say, but they’re for sure humorous inconveniences!)

Anyway, the footage:

If all the heckle props didn’t do it for you (somehow), there’s the commentary of Nicolas Colsaerts. The colorful Belgian produces the two funniest comments of the whole video.

When being blasted by water guns, he exclaims, “I can’t swim!”

On the phone bit, Colsaerts has what appears to be a romantic conversation on the line, hangs up and then quips to Olesen, “By the way, it’s your mom.”

Oh there’s so much to enjoy here! We’re not saying players should start heckling each other during tournament play … but it would certainly add to the entertainment value.