Video: Houston man’s proposal goes viral after taking off his Jordan XI shoe so it didn’t crease

If you own a pair of Jordans, you know that you take care of your shoes from the elements of wear and tear – including creases. For some, it was understandable that a Houston man took his right shoe off to propose to his girlfriend, though for others, it caused controversy.

After more than two years of dating, Houston native Chris Green, 30, decided to propose to his girlfriend Elizabeth Craven, 34, before a crowd of family and friends on Nov. 11, in The Woodlands.

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He went above and beyond and gathered several of their closest friends and family, laid out candles that said, “Will you marry me?” and planned a romantic dinner following, but one thing that caught people’s attention was the fact that he took off his right Jordan XI before getting down on one knee.

Why? In order to not crease his more than $200 shoes.

While the act of him taking off his Jordan is a simple act, it caused controversy online.

“He cares more about his shoe than his girl,” one user wrote on Twitter. Though, other social media users understood his actions saying Jordan owners “can’t crease the 11’s under no circumstances.”

“Some understand some may not and that’s fine,” Craven told “I know Chris very well and I know his love for Jordans so when he pulled his sneaker off nothing about my demeanor changed. Because I know him.

“Honestly, if he didn’t take his shoes off, I probably would have reacted more,” Craven said.

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Green mirrored the same sentiment saying, “I knew it was going to cause some confusion and I knew it was going to cause controversy. She knows me and she knows I love shoes, so it doesn’t matter.”

The couple, who met at Green’s gym – Fit Factory Houston – don’t have an exact date for their wedding yet, but plan to tie the knot in March of 2019.

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