One of the funniest people on the planet, comedian Kevin Hart, always has hilarious stories to share. Luckily he’s also a huge sports fan, which gives me an excuse to write about him here. 

Recently on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his new book, Hart told an amazing story of when he attended a 76ers game in his hometown of Philly—and what happened when he tried trash talking visiting Rockets superstar James Harden.

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​​Needless to stay, it didn’t work out well. After a mediocre first quarter, Harden ended up torching the Sixers for an absurd 55 points, and he didn’t let Hart hear the end of it. 

This amazing anecdote may be enough to add Harden to the list of most legendary trash talkers in NBA history, alongside Hall-of-Fame players like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Reggie Miller. 

Kevin Hart’s known for his love of all things fitness and basketball, from regularly participating in All-Star Weekend’s celebrity game to coming out with his own line of Nike sneakers and encouraging healthy lifestyles and exercise across social media. In an additional segment on Kimmel, Hart nailed a three-pointer to win the audience a special prize.

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It seems to me like his “feud” with James Harden can only be settled one way: one on one. Who wouldn’t want to see that?