​What could Family Feud and Pittsburgh Steelers star Le’Veon Bell possibly have in common? Both provide us with great gems and laughter. 

The Steelers star running back is known for coming up big on the field, but he came short on the game show. 

The result of his failed answer led to some great entertainment for Steve Harvey, the other contestants, and the viewers. 

It’s tough thinking on your feet, but come on Bell, you could have done better than that. 

There is no doubt Bell should keep his day job. He’s needed out there scoring touchdowns in high-pressure situations, not answering silly questions on a game show.

Plus he’s got a contract extension to work on with the Steelers.

At least we know Bell’s answer to this question further proves his patience, which he puts on display when running the ball behind the Steelers offensive line. He calmly waits for his offensive lineman to create the hole, and he’s calmly going to deal with a naked woman at his door by asking her for her phone number.