Video of baby’s reaction to hearing for the first time goes viral

Any parent can tell you how hard it is to help an uncomfortable baby relax when something is bothering them and you can’t help them. It would be more difficult if the baby was deaf and unable to hear its parents attempts to soothe their pain.

A video released by Country Living shows just how important a parent’s voice — and the ability to hear in general — is to an unhappy baby.

The video shows a child named Archer who is clearly very upset at the beginning as someone places a device in his ear. The baby is screaming and flailing away until the device sets in his ear and he begins to hear for the first time.

The shock of being able to hear sounds stops that baby from crying almost immediately and soon he’s all smiles as now knows what his parents voices sound like.

The video posted Thursday morning has already amassed 420,000 views in roughly a day as social media users spread the heartwarming video.

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