Video of Myrtle Beach expectant couple goes viral on YouTube

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A Myrtle Beach couple is taking the internet by storm. Their new video, to announce a baby on the way, has gone viral in just two days.

Jerrad, Machel, their son Noah and now a baby, makes four; so why not announce it, in a creative way?

“We did this pregnancy announcement for our friends and family,” said Machel Green. “It’s mind-blowing, flattering, and just so nice that everybody has shared it to the point where it’s getting national attention.”

This was not the expectation. The Green’s just wanted it to be their version of a “modern day scrapbook,” they could look back on.

You may have caught the video, it’s to a medley of five Britney Spears songs. It starts with “Oops, I Did it Again” as, “Oooh, We’re Pregnant Again”. The phrase “Oops I did it Again,” is appropriate, being this isn’t the first time the couple put together a video to a catchy tune.

Cool Moms,” is a parody from Taylor Swift’s, “Shake if Off.” The couple also made a video of a zombie mom or – “Mombies” – that take on the Michael Jackson classic “Thriller,” called “Toddler.”

The purpose of the two videos the couple made, last fall, was to promote their business, Vintage Marquee Lights, while doing what they love, entertaining.

The couple has a background in entertainment, in fact, they met working on a local show. The Green’s said it’s only appropriate, they continue their passion making memories, recording videos.

How do they do it? Using their iPhones and a home studio.

In just three days, the video already has more than 721,000 views on YouTube proving the internet is a powerful tool.

“It’s incredible,” said Green. “You can share anything, and probably if you use it in the right way, you could do a lot of good through social media.”

If you watch the videos, you’ll see some local spots, like Broadway at the Beach. The couple’s hoping, those videos call attention to Myrtle Beach, especially since, Myrtle Beach is Machel’s hometown.

Machel Green is due November 15 and is expecting a girl. The couple expects another video, to follow.

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