Sometimes it’s the missteps that make a young player famous, not the moments when they come through. That was the case during Monday’s Little League World Series action, when relief pitcher Ethan Goldstein surrendered a game-tying home run in the last half of an inning that would have been a victory for his Texas-based Southwest squad.

Instead, the 5-3, sixth inning lead gave way to a 7-6 loss in extra innings. And Goldstein knew it was coming as soon as he saw his pitch make contact with the bat of Southeast slugger Janson Kenty:

As noted by Twitter user @Rodog619, it was Goldstein’s reaction that was most notable, a perfectly mouthed, “Oh my God.” His reaction was prescient: The shot sailed over the fence, Kenty’s father went nuts in the stands, the Southeast representatives from Georgia suddenly had new life, and Goldstein and his teammates just couldn’t ever quite put them to bed.

The result? Georgia’s recurrent heroics, the Texas squad’s elimination and one viral moment from Goldstein that may loiter in the Williamsport ether.