Viral Photo of Awkward Pool Float Turns Heads

Things that make you stop and go, “uhh…what?”

The Aquaria Pasadena Pool Float is for sale online and at Sam’s Club in various colors — but it has many wondering what the heck designers of the pool float were thinking…because it literally looks like a giant maxi pad.

The “comfortable, soft Aqua Cell foam gently molds to the shape of your body,” the float’s packaging reads, and Sam’s Club advertises the pool float as having a “fun marbleized design.”

But those descriptions can’t fool women, who wonder if the poorly designed raft could have been avoided with the opinion even just one woman.

The Amazon reviews for the product say it all:

“I’ve waited for this my entire life,” one reviewer writes. “I have always dreamed of floating in a pool on a gigantic maxi pad!”

“Perfect with that hot red one-piece!” another writes.

It might be safe to say this float missed the mark.

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