Viral photo of teacher spying from the ceiling turns out to be a hoax

A viral tweet from Texas student Joseph Morales (according to his Twitter account) went viral for a photo allegedly showing his teacher spying on the class from the ceiling. 

However, a new article on Buzzfeed is calling his bluff

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According to the article, Morales — who is referred to as Joseph Longoria — actually has no idea who that woman is. The photo is just a random picture he saved on his phone. 

“I just had it along with the rest of my pictures,” he told Buzzfeed. “I was deleting them because ya know, storage almost full, iPhone probs[sic]. So I decided to make it into a meme.”

The image was tracked to someone in Turkey, but that person was not the original source of the photo either, which raised the question: Who is this woman and why is she in the ceiling?

When wrote about the viral story on Sept. 29, we reached out to the student but received no comment back. 

Take a look through the gallery above to see some hints on how to spot an internet hoax.

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