Viral Picture of Duct-Taped Dog Under Investigation

A Florida woman’s reported solution to her dog’s barking
has sparked outrage on Facebook, kicking off an investigation into her
treatment of the animal.

Katie Brown
posted on Facebook Friday morning a photo of a chocolate Labrador retriever
with its snout duct taped shut.

“This is what happens when you don’t shut up,”
she wrote.

Within hours of the post going live, it went
viral with many concerned residents reaching out to the Volusia County
Sheriff’s Office to report the incident. Brown’s Facebook page indicates she
lives in South Daytona.

Volusia County deputies received so many calls
and messages about the dog, it reached out to the South Daytona Police
Department for help. That agency took the photo seriously and had its
detectives begin looking for the dog and its owner.

“Police have determined that this person was
out of state for the holiday weekend,” South Daytona Police
reported on Facebook
Saturday morning. “It appears that the photo was taken
at that location.”

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Police say they have received information the
dog is OK. They noted, however, that the story isn’t over.

“The police will be contacting this person once
she returns to our city,” the post stated. “Rest assured that a full
investigation will be done and appropriate action will be taken.”

Following the Friday morning post, Brown’s Facebook page
erupted in angry comments with the dog’s photo shared nearly 100,000 times.

Brown followed up the initial post by saying, “Don’t
panic everyone. It was only for a minute but hasn’t barked since… Point made.”

It is unclear what charges, if any, Brown will
face upon her return to Florida. It is also unclear when she might return.

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