WATCH: Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro’s hilarious SNL sketch

Last week the home, hotel and office of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney were raided by the FBI and Stiller took on the role of Cohen for the skit.

He joined Kate McKinnon and Beck Bennett as Attorney Generael Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence on stage to declare, “Look, we got a real problem here, Jeff.  I’m Donald Trump’s lawyer. I got a whole hard drive that’s just labeled ‘yikes!’”.

He takes a pop at Pence for failing to protect Trump, who he calls “a fragile flower” and is then sent to another room where he encounters De Niro who plays special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller interrogates Cohen via a lie detector test just as De Niro’s character interrogates his future-son-in-law played by Stiller in the movie.

Check out the full hilarious video above.

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