WATCH: Josh Norman gets dunked on by an NBA player at celebrity basketball game

The Redskins’ Josh Norman is one of the game’s best cornerbacks and arguably the game’s best trash talker, which means he’s almost universally hated by non-Washington fans across the league. Norman’s already making noise this season. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Norman took shots at both Odell Beckham and Dez Bryant.

So, the vast majority of you are going to be pleased by the following video. Below, you can watch Norman get dunked on at Kam Chancellor’s celebrity basketball game:

Context, however, ruins the moment. 

For one, that’s Kyle O’Quinn — an actual NBA player who plays for the New York Knicks, which is an NBA team (but only just barely) — dunking on Norman. Two, O’Quinn is listed at 6-foot-10. Norman is 6 feet tall. So, he’s giving up 10 inches on O’Quinn, which makes the dunk understandable. To take it a step further, let’s give Norman credit for nearly blocking an NBA player who’s almost a foot taller than him.

He almost got there:


According to The Washington Post, other NFL players in attendance included Tyrod Taylor, Antoine Bethea, Cliff Avril, and EJ Manuel. But it’s Norman and his failed challenge at the rim that will get all the attention. 

Anyway, here’s a reminder that the game was for charity:

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