WATCH: Panthers players go camping, film hilarious parody of Cam’s birthday video

In celebration of his 28th birthday back on May 11, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton went on vacation in the Caribbean and managed to find time to release a rap video in celebration of the occasion. 

There was some criticism of Newton (people think a ridiculously wealthy 28-year-old superstar quarterback should be doing something other than hanging out on giant boats for his birthday while enjoying his life) but mostly it was an entertaining video.

Not as entertaining as the video created by the rest of the Panthers, though. A group of guys that included linebacker Luke Kuechly, center Ryan Kalil and tight end Greg Olsen went on a camping trip and made a video of their own.

More specifically, it was a parody of Newton’s video that Kalil posted on Instagram. It featured all of the same … things as Newton had in his video and the same song playing in the background, just with a different spin on those things.

Instead of Cam kicking it on a boat it was Kuechly in an equally ridiculous hat.


via Ryan Kalil/Instagram

There was Olsen rapping, except instead of some crazy hotel room he was standing next to a campfire.


via Ryan Kalil/Instagram

Instead of playing beach volleyball, they were playing basketball and doing it badly.


via Ryan Kalil/Instagram

There was jumping off of boats, albeit less gracefully than in Newton’s video. And the boat was a little smaller too. 


via Ryan Kalil/Instagram

And there were backflips off boats that were significantly less impressive.


via Ryan Kalil/Instagram

You can watch the whole video here:

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